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One of the many casteless non-magi citizens of Vorn, Rejayus owned and operated "The Dead Mule" Tavern along with his wife Heather. Rejayus' establishment was regarded as a seedy one; partially due to its location in the Vornish undercity and its owner's unscrupulous business practices - causing it to often be avoided by the arcane elites in the city.

Despite his questionable reputation, Rejayus was one of the first to take pity upon the young, homeless Zoth. It wasn't long before the young Magi was working for him in the Dead Mule as a server. This arrangement would have perhaps lasted some time, had fate not decided that Magister Barrics should stop by for a meal of meat and mead.

Sensing the young boy's untapped arcane potential, Barrics removed Zoth from the slums and out of Rejayus' employ for the indefinite future. The events transpired so fast that Rejayus wasn't entirely sure what to make of it, and it would be several seasons before he would hear from Zoth again.

Events had transpired that forced Zoth into the service of Barric's former apprentice, the alchemist Ulandrel. Using Zoth as a tool to further his political ambitions and to deride his former master, he sent the young magi on a fool's errand to assassinate a fellow magister, Magnus the Shadowbinder.

Enlisting the aid of Rejayus, Zoth traveled to Magnus Manor as an emissary. Despite attempts at discretion, the plot was foiled and the pair was overpowered by Magnus and his casteless guards. Grievously wounded and near death, Zoth fell into the rushing waters of the manor's river-moat. The last time he would see Rejayus was surrounded by Magnus' men, being bludgeoned to death.